• Lunch & Learn: Productivity Protips

    8 days ago
    I presented my top two methods for planning & executing for maximum productivity without pulling out your hair, as well as a lightning round of smaller protips. I may adapt this to a public talk, maybe through a Twitch stream, or an Instagram live, depending on the interest!
  • New start @ DREST!

    a month ago
    I am starting a new permanent role, as a tech lead at DREST! They make a stylish fashion game for iOS and Android, so a chance to combine app development with my photography instincts 📷
  • Coding Challenges - Cycling Element

    2 months ago
    My first ever “public” challenge, and accompanying post for those subscribed to my newsletter, is now out! Definitely a proud moment, check it out 😄
  • First ever coding stream!

    2 months ago
    It finally happened: I live-streamed some code. It was extremely enjoyable and I can’t wait to do more and tweak things further!
  • How to setup MDX in Next.js

    3 months ago
    New blog post! Burying the lead, as a big milestone is that I brought in blogging functionality to this very site, and everything new I write will be hosted in-house 🎉 Starting with this article, detailing how I did it, so you can do it too 😉
  • First ever "branded" stream!

    3 months ago
    Ran a poll on the gram for what type of stream it should be, no surprise that audience wanted a photo tutorial 📷 Super exciting to do, I felt great and am definitely hungry for more!
  • Top Three Things

    3 months ago
    New week, new app! Got "Top Three Things" all the way from idea to "functional prototype", figuring out Hasura GraphQL in the process. This idea has legs...
  • Website analytics with Next.js and

    3 months ago
    New blog post! Let’s add website analytics to our Next.js React app the simple and privacy-friendly way, and with Typescript support!
  • - contact form

    3 months ago
    "Get in touch" now links to a proper contact page, where I suggest the mailing list too! Trying out Postmark as the transport.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake

    3 months ago
    It’s finally available to play! Just from the first couple of hours I can tell this is an impeccable execution of the project. Not that it’s gonna be the perfect game, but they’re making me experience the essence of playing the original back then in PS1, via the means of a current-gen AAA game.
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons - credits

    3 months ago
    I wasn’t expecting Animal Crossing to have end credits, but there actually was a little storyline that gets nicely wrapped up with a proper credits sequence! The game continues after of course, and I’m far from done with it: A few minutes of island life have become part of my morning ritual 🍑
  • Coding Challenges newsletter

    3 months ago
    After feedback from friends and colleagues, I’ve set up a newsletter about the coding challenges I always find myself designing! You should join too 😁
  • - v3

    3 months ago
    This very site! A long way from the Angular and php version five years back 🤯
  • Healthy Habits

    3 months ago
    New app! A collab with Alison, our submission for a COVID-19 global hackathon. An app which suggests what to do to keep sane while using your browser, and rewards you with cute pets for maintaining streaks.
  • The roles in App Development

    3 months ago
    New blog post! Working in a London Startup, it’s easy to forget the roles involved in creating an app are far from self-explanatory... Let me demystify!
  • First parallettes workout

    4 months ago
    With the gyms closing due to COVID-19, I got a pair of parallettes to practice at home! They’re elevated bars you may practice things like handstands on. I’ve never had good balance so this wiped me out something fierce!
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    4 months ago
    I’ve never really gotten into Animal Crossing, but the time is calling for a low-stakes, chill game... And I want to follow along with the MinnMax game club!
  • Endless meeting cubing loop

    4 months ago
    Inspired by endless meetings where the same people keep saying the same things, I shot a little pattern I found myself mindlessly doing.
  • Emoji of the X - Twitter bot

    4 months ago
    Added functionality to the backend to auto-tweet whenever it makes new picks!
  • Google Analytics with React Router

    4 months ago
    New blog post! Inspired by trying to add Google Analytics in a Create React App with React Router earlier.
  • Emoji of the X

    5 months ago
    New app! Surprised by the lack of something which picks the official emoji of the day / week / month, I went and made it myself!
  • Why would you want to learn React in 2020?

    5 months ago
    New blog post! React has been my cornerstone for getting people into software engineering for years now: it’s time for a sanity check!