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Hello, I’m Johnny and I’m... an

I code around the world,and inspire others to do the same!

I strive to get more brilliant minds into engineering, and one of my most impactful avenues are my YouTube videos!

SvelteKit and Next.js are my specialties, but I cover all sorts of languages, principles & techniques. Anything I strongly feel will help you succeed in tech and rocket-boost your career! 🚀


The best way to support me is to watch my videos, tune into my livestreams 🙂

For the extra mile, leave a comment: some feedback, whether I made you laugh, or helped you learn... or what you’d like to see me cover next!

If you want to exchange monetary support with getting tremendous value, consider Johnnify Premium! My private code, provided as SaaS 🚀

Other work

I do more than educational videos and livecoding! 😄

Here’s a few more of my things you may find useful:

Johnny Consulting!


I love solving problems and I’ve been doing that professionally as a Software Engineer for decades!

I’ve reached the level of Principal Software Engineer, and the longer I am in the business, the more I seek out projects where we can meaningfully affect the lives of more people:

Like in Babylon Health where we raised Series C to fund the mission of bringing affordable healthcare to everyone.

Or in Funding Circle where I worked on instant decisioning for loan applications, including to businesses affected by COVID-19.

If you have an ambitious project that needs delivering, and are looking for an Engineering Consultant who is an expert in Typescript, Meta Frameworks such as Next.js & SvelteKit, and evangelises meaningful automated testing, feel free to reach out.

Johnny Mentoring!


My most fulfilling work... maybe tied with my YouTube videos, whenever I get a particularly heart-felt comment 😄

I do spend a lot of time teaching, and my one-to-one mentoring holds a special place in my heart. Its intimate nature, the paradoxically unique struggles every one of us has, observing progress over a long period of time... It’s fascinating.

Plus, it’s the most effective way to help someone grow! I love my videos and presenting at meetups: the reach is great and a lot of the audience will gain at least a little from hearing me out... but focusing on an audience of one leads to huge payoff, guaranteed!

I can only have so many mentees, but do get in touch if you are interested: we may work something out 😄

Johnny Workshops!


I am a firm believer in the power of workshops. Even those your employer forces you to attend! It’s all in the power of the facilitators to design something engaging that leaves you with key learnings you can apply immediately.

I run workshops empowering people to career-change into frontend & fullstack engineering, or to advance their careers as software engineers.

In the first “flavour” of workshop, I take you from zero to deploying a javascript app you built during the workshop 🚀

In the other, we start as an associate engineer who “freezes” during interviews, and end up confidently approaching software startup problems like a pro 🧑‍💻👩‍💻👨‍💻

Reach out if you’re interested in me running either flavour of workshop, for your company, or as a group of individuals!

Johnny Blogging!


I love writing!

Sure, most of my writing nowadays is video scripts and prep notes for livestreams... But, with the fall of Twitter, I think blogging is making a real come-back!

My blog is hosted in this very site, and you mayfind my video transcripts over at Johnnify.

Let me know if the “x time ago” relative timestamps are tremendously far back in the past 😅

Johnny Livestreams!


Yes,livestreams get a special mention as your final CTA 😄

They’re the public thing I do most often, I currently livestream twice a week over at YouTube!

Most of the episodes have the recurring theme of “Coding & Chill”. I see them as a prime imposter syndrome cure: You get to see a Principal Software Engineer problem-solve live, and therefore stumble and error!

And if it’s ok for me to stumble, surely it’s ok for you 😉 On the other hand, if I actually ace my way through... that’s fine too: I’ve been doing this for literally decades!

My videos take too long to make, so these livestreams are my way of keeping in touch with the community, as I do my research for my next “succinct” video tutorial.

See you there? 😘